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Dr. Drew’s Celebrity Rehab 3 Season 3 Episode 3: Dealing With the Past

Things start off with Celebrity Rehab getting their money’s worth out of last week’s breakthrough moment with Mindy McCready having a seizure, doing a header off of her bed, and Mackenzie Phillips finding it simply hilarious… Until she realizes Mindy isn’t faking.  The medics come a-runnin’ and gradually bring Mindy out of it before loading her into the ambulance.  For some reason, Dennis Rodman’s heart grows three sizes that day and he rushes out to the ambulance to talk to Mindy as she’s being wheeled away and to offer words of reassurance.  Aww, looks like Rodman’s coming around.

Afterwards, it’s revealed that Mindy dislocated her shoulder in the fall from her seizure, which will eventually require surgery.  (Which, hopefully. means she won’t get addicted to painkillers and other meds following such.)  Dr. Drew recommends anti-seizure therapy for a year to her. 

From there, Dr. Drew spends some quality time with Heidi Fleiss, who has been in hibernation mode during her detox.  Dr. Drew mentions that this is typical for people who are detoxing from multiple substances.  He pays a visit to her room and asks her about the colorful photos of her parrots above her bed and Heidi hanging out with her birds.  (About 10 years ago, during Heidi’s heyday as a madam, that would have made for a tremendous double-entendre.) She says she misses her feathered friends and Drew privately addresses the camera in voice over mode, thinking that her bird-love masks deeper issues. 

In group therapy, Heidi gets some more time in the sun and the topic for the day is addressing that it’s not good for addicts to be alone for too long.  He notes that this is a group experience and the group needs to share more with one another and show who they really are.  Heidi tells everyone they would be horrified to know who she really is/was, mentioning that she had learned how to be really nasty from some equally nasty women when she was training to become a madam. She defines prostitution as the influence of money on your life, citing that money is something that makes your whole world easier.

Dr. Drew then asks Rodman whether money had made his life easier.  Dennis answers that money didn’t really make him happy.  He was an athlete and did what he did for the love of the game.  Somehow, the subject turns towards Rodman’s crazy parties involving his house being open to a bunch of people and that he had no idea who half the guests were.  This wasn’t really something that made Rodman happy. 

Following up with Mindy’s seizure, Dr. Drew sends her to a brain specialist who does a scan of her brain, showing that when she drinks and if she continues drinking, Mindy’s brain will look like Swiss cheese.  She continues to deny much in the way of drug abuse, but balks when the specialist shows her an image of what her brain looks like and notices  lot of damage to her temporal lobe. Mindy recounts how her ex had clobbered her several times in this spot, banging the bottom of her head against the headboard.  She also seems to be somewhat scared after being shown the specialist’s scan of her brain’s blood flow and activity patterns, and how awful it looks when her brain swells after drinking. 

After all that doom and gloom, it’s time for a cookout and inviting supportive family and friends to the rehab center for the newly detoxed gang! A friend of Mike’s arrives with a baggie for him… A baggie of official Mike Starr/Alice in Chain guitar picks.  He hands them out to his friends, giving Mackenzie the first one.  (As it stands now, Mackenzie seems to be the Miss Congeniality of Celebrity Rehab 3, being a good friend to nearly everyone in the facility.)  Mike also makes up with resident technician Shelly and gives her a pick.  He excitedly tells her about a deal that he made and will have a Spector Mike Starr signature bass.  Shelly seems happy for him, but is her usual socially awkward self when she tells him that she hopes he doesn’t shoot the proceeds from the bass into his arm.  There’s tough love for ya, kiddies!

Heidi also has a friend who shows up, a cute, elderly woman with a walker and a snazzy outfit named Patty.  She talks with a gravelly voice and tells Heidi how she’s proud of her and always kept her press clippings.  Patty is freakin’ adorable and seems very supportive of Heidi.  I’m wondering if she’s an old madam.  That would rock. 

Throughout the festivities, Dr. Drew and Bob are trying to track down Tom Sizemore to come on down to the Pasadena Rehab facility and enroll.  They finally break him down and get him to come in.  Tom’s all sorts of buggy and creeped out that Heidi is there and he will have to deal with her at some point.  Dr. Drew releases him into the facility to meet with his fellow 12-Steppers and Tom instantly tries to latch onto Dennis Rodman, who’s working out on the treadmill.  Dennis and his Ed Hardy shirt seem to be incredibly disinterested in Tom, although Mike Star seems to be desperate for a friend and attempts to cozy up to Sizemore.

Giving Heidi a heads up, the gang busts in to tell Heidi that her ex is here. We learn that they were really in love once… for two whole months!  Initially, Heidi does not seem pleased and jumps out of bed. She runs down the hallway to find Tom.  When she finds him, instead of clocking him, she gives him a big hug and breaks down crying, happy to see him.  Dr. Drew is touched by this show of affection, and so is Tom.

However, that doesn’t stop Sizemore from trying to weasel his way out of the facility for the night to tuck in his kids.  Dr. Drew assumes that “tucking in his kids” may be a euphemism for “scoring some drugs and bringing them back,” and isn’t too keen to let him go.  Apparently, there’s no stoppin’ Sizemore.

Tune in next week, which, if the previews are any indicator, someone sneaks some really good dope back into rehab with them.

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