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Dr. Drew’s Celebrity Rehab kicks off Season 3

It’s time to get to steppin’! Twelve-steppin’, that is! VH1’s series, Dr. Drew’s Celebrity Rehab has just kicked off it’s third season with an hour-and-a-half season premire.  Just as much about the drama as it is the detox, the no-nonsense Dr. Drew Pinsky presides over the well-being of nine celebrities who have come to his rehab facility to kick their life-threatening addictions.

The premiere episode introduced viewers to Dr. Drew’s celebrity patients on this season, outlining their ongoing problems with various substances.  Former NBA basketball star, Dennis Rodman and his many tattoos were ordered to rehab as part of a court order.  Rodman’s attitude towards sobriety, thus far in the season, is flippant and uncooperative.. He’s just there to get the court off his back.  Country music star, Mindy McCready, who suffered serious domestic abuse, is under Dr. Drew’s care for drug abuse, although she seems to be the most “normal” — or at least functioning one in the bunch.

In the first episode, two of the group’s most hardcore, long-term addicts, Mike Starr and Mackenzie Phillips, have already bonded.  Former Alice In Chains bassist Mike Starr’s drug history includes everything from pot to LSD and heroin.  Having run out of veins to inject himself in, Starr came in with an oozing abcess in a very “private” place, which Dr. Drew, Shelly, and the crew ended up treating.  (The abcess was shown on-camera, and boy, it wasn’t pretty!) Starr comes across as very nonchalant about his drug use, matter-of-factly running down the laundry list of substances he’s currently doing and the ones that he had done in the past. He cited being able to perform and play music as what kept him away from drugs, attempting sobriety last year when he thought he would be playing with a new band.  When that fell through, boredom and a lack of hope prompted him to start using again.  As an added bonus, Starr often does drugs with his father, with the episode showing footage of the two of them using together.  

And speaking of “the family that plays together, stays together,” Starr bonded with former child actress, Mackenzie Phillips.  Phillips, at the time of the show, had been sober for eight months prior to going to Dr. Drew for help. Phillips’ experimentation with drugs dates back to when she was 11 years old.  Like Starr, she also used with her father, sixties folk icon, John Phillips of The Mamas and The Papas.  Taped before Phillips revealed her incestuous relationship with her father in her new book, Dr. Drew mentioned onscreen that nothing would explicitly be stated on the show about Phillips’ intimate relationship with her father, although she did divulge details to him about it.  He did state, however, that she would talk in a general manner on the show (as per editing) about her feelings about her relationship with her father and how it impacted her addiction.

The world’s most famous madam, Heidi Fleiss enrolled for Season 3 of Celebrity Rehab to kick her addiction to meth and a whole host of other substances.  At the age of 27, she had been on top of the world catering to a vast clientele of Hollywood elite. Once her little black book fell into the hands of the authorities, however, she did three years in prison which kicked off a downward spiral.  Adding to that downward spiral was a short, yet tumultuous relationship with actor Tom Sizemore who went to prison for abusing Fleiss.  Now 42, she lives in Death Valley, NV with several exotic birds and parrots, removed from the glitz and glamour of Hollywood and living the life of a hermit.  Like Mike Starr, she cites boredom and loneliness as her reason for using and hopes to get sober and become involved in a healthy relationship. 

Although he wasn’t shown entering Dr. Drew’s facility, Heidi’s ex, Tom Sizemore will be a part of the Season 3 cast.  Judging by the previews of the episodes to come, although Heidi and Tom initially seem to be okay with one another being there, things get ugly.

Another cast member who, as of the premiere episode, had not arrived yet was former Miss United States Teen and Playboy Playmate, Kari Ann Peniche.  From the previews, Peniche seems like she’ll be resident fire-starter, butting heads with and insulting nearly every one of her castmates/rehab roomies.

As for the rest of the cast who were actually shown on the premiere, viewers were introduced to Lisa D’Amato, former contestant on America’s Next Top Model and a DJ/performer at clubs.  Constant abuse and sexual molestation by a relative (who’s name was consistently bleeped out)’s boyfriend as a child started her party-girl ways, landing her in rehab.  And finally, the last cast member is former Real World: Hollywood star, Joey Kovar who wants to kick his addiction to coke and alcohol (and possibly steroids) to be sober for the birth of his child.

As usual, Dr. Drew is already being kind, yet not coddling the cast.  His regular helpmates including lead technician/”resident advisor” Shelley Sprague who overseas the patients on a daily basis, administering therapy and even more tough love, and Bob Forrest, the program director for the chemical dependency facility.

Dr. Drew’s Celebrity Rehab airs Thursday nights on VH1 at 10PM Eastern.

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