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Dr. Drew’s Celebrity Rehab Season 3 Episode 2: Detox

The partying stops as everyone sobers up in detox, with withdrawal kicking in.  Dr. Drew describes withdrawal, in some of the most severe cases as with Mike Starr, as “the worst flu ever” and the physical equivalent of feeling as if your limbs were being squeezed in a vice. 

In group therapy, Dr. Drew has each of them discuss their “bottoms” – and by that, he doesn’t mean Mike Starr’s abscessed keyster. By “bottoms,” he means moments where they hit their biggest lows. Mackenzie Phillips talks about her most recent bust at LAX, standing on a baggie of heroin that fell out of her pants and telling the fuzz she wasn’t holding. Mindy McCready didn’t want to put her boyfriend in jail, even though he beat her repeatedly, to the point that he almost killed her. In the midst of all of these revelations, Rodman refuses to acknowledge that he ever had a bottom, painting himself as a Zen master in Ed Hardy. The group calls him on being completely full of crap.

Meanwhile, Mike Starr is flipping the bird at the cameras and getting all sorts of alterna-grunge angsty, cursing at Shelly and rambling incoherently about the tree that’s halfway on the pavement. The best part of his tirade is asking for some diet pills so he won’t be “a fat pig” on camera and how much he “bleeping” hates the “bleeping” cameras. At this point, I wanted to start my own drinking game (which is kind of ironic, considering the show) for every time Mike was bleeped out on camera. As Mike later said, before puking off the side of his bed in the middle of the night and wiping his mouth with the sheet: “Life sucks when you’re kicking drugs.”

Joey “the Juicehead” Kovar lucked out that his olfactory capacities were compromised due to the heavy amounts of booger sugar he had been using that he couldn’t smell Mike’s cat-litter sized mother load of vomit that poor Shelly had to clean up. Mike’s torrent of vom continues as he boots again and everyone learns just how much he loves corn, since it’s all over the towels and clogging the washing machine to clean it off the sheets and towels.

Lisa D’Amato has some one-on-one therapy with Dr. Drew to discuss what prompted her downward spiral. She talks about the family member’s (whose name is bleeped out, but can assume it’s her “mom”) boyfriend who would masturbate in front of her while she and her sister came home.  As she got older and the boyfriend became more brazen with touching her, she blocked it by rocking back and forth with the pillow over her head. 

During another group therapy session, everyone admits that they’re powerless to their addictions, except Dennis.  Rodman’s resistance to taking his rehab stint seriously goes before Shirley, the program administrator, with Dr. Drew in attendance and to review the conditions of his sentence.  Dennis has to go to rehab and do 100 hours of community service. If Dennis does not comply with the court order, he has to go to jail. Shirley cracks down on him in the kitchen as the former NBA star half-asses his way through doing dishes.

Mike gets testier and testier, taking out his frustrations on Shelly and hurling bleeped-out insults at her before breaking a lamp in his room.  Apparently, he still thinks the rehab facility is one of the hotel rooms that he destroyed when he was with Alice in Chains.

Shelly is forced to fill out an incident report and Dr. Drew and Dr. Bob contemplate sending him to a facility capable of handling such a hardcore addict.  Mackenzie is hanging out with Mike outside when he has a psychotic break and starts staring into space, standing on the table, and silently pacing back and forth with his headphones on. Until Mike’s addiction becomes more manageable, he needs to go to Huntington Hospital.

Shirley, Dr. Drew, and everyone converges on Mike and asks him what’s freaking him out.  He has a problem with Shelly, not realizing she’s just doing her job.  He also has a big problem with the cameras.  For now, Dr. Drew can keep him at the Pasadena Recovery Center, but wonders how long that will remain a possibility.

That brings us to another patient who isn’t there… Just physically not there. Dr. Bob is on detail to pick up Tom Sizemore who has yet to report for rehab. Dr. Bob talks a bit about Sizemore’s career and that crystal meth is his drug of choice. Dr. Bob attempts to ambush Tom outside of his house and picks him up in the car.  Tom jumps out of the car and fueled by Tweaker Power, runs into a convenience store to escape and dodge rehab. 

Back at the ranch, roomies Mindy and Mackenzie are chatting about when they drank the most.  Mindy gets “stuck” in a moment talking and makes a horrible face and does a header off her bed. Mackenzie starts laughing like a maniac, thinking it’s the most hilarious thing she’s ever seen before realizing that Mindy’s having a very serious seizure. 

Clips from next week show that Mindy has damage to her temporal lobes, which were the two areas where her boyfriend had hit her the most and the hardest.  Meanwhile, Tom Sizemore finally checks in and meets up with his ex, Heidi.  How long Tom stays will remain to be seen.

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