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Dr. Drew’s Celebrity Rehab Season 3 Episode 4: New Patients

After “spending time with his kids,” which is actually code for “going on a massive bender,” Tom Sizemore comes back to Dr. Drew’s Pasadena rehab facility.  His younger girlfriend, Monroe, is in tow, hanging all over him and making with the smooches all over him as she accompanies him inside. 

Monroe will certainly not be pleased to know that Tom’s ex, Heidi Fleiss is holed up in the same rehab facility, particularly after she goes off on a tangent that she lives in “Heidi Hell.”  Apparently, Tom still brings up his past relationship with the former Hollywood madam on a daily basis.  Monroe wishes that he would just get over it and she could have his full attention in their relationship.

Somehow, I doubt that Heidi is the reason for Tom’s diverted attention, judging by how strung out Tom is when he returns to the facility.  When Shirley, the Facility Manager, goes through his clothes to make sure he doesn’t have anything, she finds Sizemore’s sizeable stash that he brought in with him.  The haul Tom smuggled in with him includes:  a balloon full of heroin with enough for more than one good high; matches; Viagra; Coke and/or Crystal Meth.  Shirley suspects that Tom’s girlfriend brought the heroin in for him, but the rest is all Tommy Boy.   

Tom is put into detox and warned that he cannot do this and bring drugs into the facility before he goes for another counseling session with Dr. Drew.

In a group session and talk time outside, Mackenzie Phillips talks about her bizarre relationship with her father.  (In a voiceover, Dr. Drew mentions her incestuous relationship with Papa John Phillips that she did not reveal to her fellow rehab-mates.) She tells the gang that she used to shoot up with her father and he would frequently ask her “Got any drugs for your old dad?”  Heidi and Lisa are aghast, not being able to fathom doing drugs with their father — or anything else with that matter.  Mike Starr (who’s relegated to background scenery this episode) is probably the only one who knows what it’s like to get high with his Pops on a regular basis, which could explain why they bonded.

While Mike stays in the background for most of this episode, Real World alumnus Joey Kovar (affectionately known as “Johnny Bravo” to his castmates) finally gets some face time.  In group therapy, he talks about how when he was a kid, he would always want to impress people by trying to share his huge bag of candy with him.  In turn, people never really liked him for who he was… Just his candy.  As an adult, swap out the candy for drugs and it’s still the same story with vultures of a different kind hovering around him. 

After feeling like he had a breakthrough and is doing okay, in swoop the vultures!  Joey’s girlfriend calls him, asking him when his check is coming. Joey is pretty irritated by this and flips out on his girlfriend on the phone.  She shouldn’t have called him in rehab to see when more money is coming her way.  When a few other people question him as to him not being a “gentleman” to his gal pal on the phone, it’s Rodman to the rescue and Dennis takes Joey’s side saying that it was his girlfriend who dealt the low blow, harassing him when he shouldn’t have to have things like that on his mind while trying to detox.  Dr. Drew notes that Joey is pretty antsy from detoxing from cocaine and it accounts for him struggling to control his rage when the cameras follow him around, making a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. 

With all this pent-up aggression floating around, Dr. Drew and the staff come up with a constructive way for the patients to vent their frustrations.  Taking them outside, several used cars, old television sets, dishes and other very breakable objects of all sizes are waiting for the patients to smash the crap out of them.  They’ve even got a whole bunch of objects to destroy said other objects with! 

Mackenzie goes to town beating the crap out of a car. Everyone takes a whack at it with golf clubs, but she kicks it up a notch by heaving a bowling ball through the window.  She really goes to town on a television set, pretending it’s her father and smashing it open and breaking the screen. 

Not to be outdone, Joey smashes the living hell out of the car using the tried n’ true baseball bat to whack out the headlights, smash out the windows, and club in the hood of the car.  While Mackenzie “did it for Daddy,” Joey vents by-proxy on his mother for all of her abuse on him and not shelling out an extra $50 to get him wire framed glasses so the kids at school wouldn’t make fun of him.  (Trust me.  He actually makes a valid point.  As a childhood veteran of plastic frames before they became cool, it left you as quite a vulnerable target on the playground. For realz.)

After some more talk-time with Tom, Dr. Drew goes to the residence of a former patient in crisis, Kari Ann Peniche.  Kari Ann, a former beauty queen stripped of her title after she stripped for Playboy, is a raging sex addict with a fondness for speed and uppers.  As the resident trouble-maker, Kari Ann was asked to leave Sex Rehab.  Now, she’s rehab-bound and ready to upset the happy camaraderie that the gang who’s already been kicking around the Pasadena Rehab Facility for the past four weeks have established if the previews are any indication.

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