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Dr. Drew’s Celebrity Rehab Season 3 Episode 5: Loss

This week, new addition, Kari Ann Peniche is settling into the Pasadena Rehab clinic and is more than making herself at home.  Coming down off of her meth addiction, she’s all sorts of bitchy to one of the techs who asks her to come to group therapy.  Kari’s ‘tude gets turned up several more notches when she goes all Cheswick and demands that her assistant bring her some cigarettes.   Lisa D’Amato dubs her behavior “divalicious” (which is actually too kind) when Kari Ann pitches a hissy when she gets a soft pack of smokes instead of a hard one.  Her snide antics are met with a chorus of eye-rolls from Rodman, Mackenzie, Lisa, and especially the tech who would like to throw Kari Ann through a window.  

While Kari Ann’s issues are a tasty side dish, this episode focuses in mostly on the recovery and relationship between Heidi Fleiss and Tom Sizemore.  In group therapy, Heidi seems smarmily pleased that Tom, who once lived in a million dollar mansion, is now homeless.  He had lost his condo thanks to all of the substance he had dabbled in, too. 

Dr. Drew addresses Heidi’s issues with people, telling her that she should stop playing with her birds and being around people.  Heidi and Mike Starr both admit that they hate being around people, who are almost all invariably hangers on. 

Speaking of hangers-on, Tom Sizemore’s girlfriend, Monroe (and her Barack Obama belly top) come to visit Tom.  She rolls in with a giant suitcase, which the staff submits to  thorough inspection after her last visit, which included her pulling a mule and giving Tom some drugs while in treatment.  In light of her last visit, the staff request that Monroe to submit to a test to ensure that she’s clean. Monroe refuses to be tested (although she’s obviously on something) and is turned away.  Dr. Drew notes that it will be a huge problem for Tom to stay clean with his girlfriend still using.

From Tom’s newer girlfriend to his old one, Heidi voices her feelings on Tom.  She looks at herself and wonders how the hell she could have ever liked him, particularly now that he’s a scumbag and an older, homeless drug addict. She delves deeper into her feelings — or lackthereof — in her one-on-one session with Dr. Drew.  When Dr. Drew commends her for being strong enough to be able to stay in the same group therapy session with the man who once beat her bloody, she tells him that she has no emotion towards him.  For two months, she was very much in love with him, but when she left him, he threatened her all the time and demonstrated very creepy behavior towards Heidi.  Afterwards, he apologized for his behavior, but by then, Heidi had completely turned off all emotion towards him. 

When Dr. Drew asks her if she cares for him at all, Heidi tells him she’s apathetic towards him.  Whether good things or bad things happen to her ex, she would still feel the same.  She tells him that caring for Tom after all he had put her through and any feelings for him would make her weak.  Instead, Dr. Drew tells her that it would make her stronger to be able to feel and try to help him.

Seeing that Tom is in a quandary about his sobriety and taking it seriously, Dr. Drew asks Heidi to talk to Tom, remarking that it would be interesting to see the former couple re-introduced to each other as sober people. 

Their exchange is awkward and for once, I completely disagree with Dr. Drew.  As Heidi tells Tom that once, he was really strong and now he had fallen apart, pointing out the error of his ways, Tom starts to talk about their past — specifically, their sex life which Tom claims as some of the best he had ever had.  The second Heidi shows some level of vulnerability and genuine concern, Tom tries to take advantage of it.  She insists that the days of their wild sex are long gone, but I side with Heidi on this one for sticking to her guns and blowing him off. 

Afterwards, with most of the patients in the later stages of detox, Dr. Drew plans a field trip for them that will open their eyes to the ramifications of their disease.  They head to a church and see a large casket with flowers in front of them. While confronted with this dramatic prop, they’re introduced to former nurse and former “functioning alcoholic” Dani, who took the life of a man when she drove drunk to pick up her kids.  After serving four years in prison for her accidental act, she checked herself into rehab.  To this day, Dani is still haunted knowing that she took the life of someone’s husband and father. 

In spite of that sobering revelation, Tom Sizemore still doesn’t know how committed he is to his sobriety.  He has a one-on-one session with Dr. Drew and they discuss possibly getting his girlfriend in for treatment, as well.  Tom mentions that Monroe doesn’t know what it’s like to try to get sober and thinks it would be a good idea. 

After Monroe arrives, quite literally two seconds later, Tom starts sweating profusely as Dr. Drew begins to ask her if she wants to get sober alongside her boyfriend. She plays coy and starts smiling in a weird, airy-fairy way.  Then, Tom drops the bombshell that he wants to go home — which usually means that he wants to go get high or go have sex with Monroe.  Dr. Drew calls him out on sweating and it looks like we have to wait until next week to find out whether or not Tom stays in rehab.

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