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Dr. Drew’s Celebrity Rehab Season 3 Episode 6: Triggers

After last week’s cliffhanger, Tom Sizemore ends up staying at the Pasadena Rehab Center, not really needing much prodding from Dr. Drew, who points out the nature of addiction.  In the span of a few minutes, Tom cycled from wanting to sober up, to wanting to leave, to choosing sobriety again.  As an added bonus, his girlfriend Monroe will also be checking in for treatment, as well.  However, the dynamic duo will need to be separated as it isn’t recommended for couples to be in the exact same treatment program. 

Meanwhile, new girl in town, Kari Ann Peniche is making all sorts of friends all over the place.  She incurs the Wrath of Shelly when she dawdles around putting together a cute outfit and carefully applying makeup so that she can go to the group session.  Since the group must do everything as a group, the rest of the gang is held up from jumping right in since they have to wait around for Kari Ann. 

In group therapy, the gang gangs up on Kari Ann, not really digging her diva attitude.  Mackenzie tries to be nice and tells her that she doesn’t have to dress up for group therapy.  She also tries to play amateur psychologist to Kari Ann (even though a qualified professional like Dr. Drew is in the room presiding over the session), telling her that her need to dress up and be “perfect” stems from her desire to constantly please others and not herself, worrying about others’ perceptions of her.  Kari Ann then snaps back, telling everyone that she’s not offended that no one else has any sort of pride in their appearance when they come to group therapy, so they shouldn’t be offended that she cares about what she looks like.  She then stomps off to her room to sleep, detox, and retreat from the rest of the group.

Upon waking up, Kari Ann is in full-blown antagonistic mode, taking it out on Mackenzie.  She fiddles with her hair, walking up and down the coridors of where Mackenzie is hanging with the rest of the patients, loudly wailing, “but I’m a mother!!!” over and over again, mocking Mackenzie’s lament upon being busted for possession at the airport.  Harsh.

Not taking it lying down, Mackenzie confronts Kari Ann in her room, telling her that what she did was wrong.  While I think Mackenzie should mind her own business and not try to leech off of the other patients and attempt to diagnose them rather than tending to her own sobriety, I agree that Kari Ann was way out of line and just cruel.  Kari Ann ups the Mean Girls ante and tells Mackenzie that she’s an “ugly old woman” and doesn’t care if she has her friendship or not after Mac calls her out as a “rude little girl.” 

The other revelation — or non-revelation — in the group therapy sessions with Dr. Drew and later with Technician Shelly is that Dennis Rodman still refuses to identify himself as an addict or an alcoholic.  When everyone boldly states aloud their poison of choice, Rodman hedges and claims he never had a problem and still doesn’t.  In order to prove to Dennis that he does have some issues with booze, Dr. Drew takes him to the same brain analyst that he took Mindy to.  The results show that Dennis has some very small damage to his brain from the alcohol, but if he continued at the rate he did, this could end up resulting in Alzheimers or some other form of dementia down the line.  The brain waves and patterns also give some insight into Rodman’s outrageous and sometimes obstinate personality, as well.

In an effort to make the patients more comfortable with impending sobriety and admitting their demons, Dr. Drew brings in past Celebrity Rehab alumni, including Brigitte Nielsen, model Amber Smith, and former American Idol contestant, Jessica Sierra.  They each discuss their road to sobriety and the different phases they went through, discovering and re-discovering their lives.  Brigitte talks with Rodman in some one-on-one time, telling him that she sees a lot of similarities between the two of them and that she wants him to admit to himself that he has a problem so he can get better.

Speaking of all things “one day at a time,” Mackenzie has some one-on-one time with Dr. Drew.  However, a phone call from home that her beloved dog is dying.  She agonizes over whether to put him down or not, to ease the poor pooch’s suffering, but doesn’t want to leave rehab to do it.  She fears that having to ice her dog after leaving rehab may trigger her to fall off the wagon again, and that maybe it’s best for him and for her while she’s still in rehab to have him euthanized.  Once she makes up her mind to go through with it, Dr. Drew accompanies her for moral support, after getting some ice cream to give the dog before he goes for his last ride.  Mackenzie, her son, and ex-boyfriend bid a teary-eyed goodbye to the cute little Pug mix who slurps down the ice cream with gusto before sad, doggie-goes-bye-bye music plays in the background.

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