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Dr. Drew’s Celebrity Rehab Season 3 Episode 7: Family Weekend

This week, it’s Family Weekend at the Pasadena Rehab Center.  This episode and Family weekend should have just retitled itself “Layne Staley’s Mom is the Coolest, Nicest Woman Ever.” Seriously.

Things open up with Mike Starr in a maudlin mood, sitting on his bed and listening to old Alice in Chains albums. He tells Resident Technician Shelley that this is the only way he can hear Layne Staley, the lead singer of the band who died eight years ago from a drug overdose. In his one-on-one therapy session, Mike talks about his longtime friendship with Staley and how the night he was kicked out of Alice in Chains, he was shot up by both Layne Staley and Kurt Cobain the night he was kicked out of Alice in Chains. 

Following Mike’s therapy session with Dr. Drew, it’s revealed that this weekend will be Family Weekend! This is the rehab equivalent of Christmas when close friends and family get to visit and the patients can now meet their family as sober individuals.

Among some of the people who will be arriving are Layne Staley’s mother, Nancy, who Mike hasn’t seen in eight years since his friend’s death.  She arrives with Mike’s own mother, Gail, who talks about how Mike has a Jekyll and Hyde persona when he’s using.  When he’s not using, he’s a great guy.  Nancy, Layne Staley’s mother gives Mike a hug and shows a lot of support and understanding towards him, absolving him of any guilt in her son’s death.  Mike admits that he could have or should have dialed 911 the night Layne overdosed, but he was so doped up on pills himself.  Plus, Layne said he would never speak to him again if he called the police on him. 

In turn, Nancy tells him that Layne had went to rehab 13 times and that her son was embarrassed about his addictions.  She remarked that he was a beautiful, talent man who squandered his talents with drug abuse.  She encourages Mike and the other patients to lead a boring, predictable, non-celebrity life free of addiction.  Once they’re off of the substances, they can realize how wonderful and rich that “boring, predictable” life away from the limelight can be, giving them a lot of health and happiness.  Seriously.  Layne Staley’s mother is pure awesome.

As for the rest of the patients’ family, Kari-Ann talks about how she has disappointed her family, particularly her brothers who arrive to support her.  She wants to be someone who doesn’t disappoint her family. 

Dennis Rodman’s wife and kids visit and it’s rather awkward.  His wife tells Dr. Drew that she had lost trust in him.  He laughs it off as “comical,” and she retaliates by telling him he doesn’t have a clue.  She also drops a bombshell on Dr. Drew that they have been living separately for some time now and wants to file for divorce.  Ouch.  Even after that, Dennis still seems to have a rather Zen, nonchalant approach to things.

Heidi’s sister, friend, and one of her favorite feathered friends show up and Heidi is elated.  Afterwards, a party planner named Lash arrives to help the patients put together an awesome, Asian-inspired dinner.  Along with Resident Technician Shelley, Lash and the rest of the crew head on down to Chinatown to pick up some authentic Asian food and decorations. While there, Kari-Ann decides that she needs a giant papier mache dragon that’s hanging from the ceiling.  Needs.  Kari-Ann throws a ginormous temper tantrum when she finds out that the dragon is nearly $600 and waaaaaay out of the budget, stomping out of the store. 

Prior to the dinner, Heidi has a run in with the other female, blonde technician who isn’t quite as nice as Stern Shelley.  She tells her that her bird, who’s eating some scattered rose petals, is a distraction and has to leave.  Heidi leaves in a huff and goes off to sit by herself with a bird. 

At the dinner, Mindy gets up to sing a song that she wrote in prison while montage footage of all the patients throughout the years is shown on the big screen in the dining hall. Images of the patients when they were young and sober were juxtaposed against later pictures of them at the worst stages of their addiction, sometimes including mug shots. 

After the dinner, Heidi is hanging out isolated with her bird.  She tells Dr. Drew that she doesn’t want to stay, but just wants to be away from people.  She has no desire to get high, but she realizes that she came in lonely and now understands why she’s glad that she’s alone.  Dr. Drew counters telling her that she likes people and people like her.  She decides to leave in her blue Toyota while Dr. Drew looks on, confident she’ll be back.   She might be, but what sort of shape she’ll be in is debatable since clips from next week’s episode show that Heidi ended up flipping her car in a near-fatal crash.  Also on tap next week, Kari-Ann gets into public exhibitionism and body painting as a group activity which doesn’t go over too big with the rest of the staff.

2 Responses to “Dr. Drew’s Celebrity Rehab Season 3 Episode 7: Family Weekend”
John - February 24th, 2010 at 1:45 am

Dr Drew get Corey Haim on your show he needs help!

Lj - March 12th, 2010 at 5:03 pm

How sad too late for Corey. . . .

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